About Us

The Kaamyaabi was established in 1993 to accelerate the boom of Banking era by providing the core concept and giving the final results. We have germinated the seed of life to near about 30,000 students who are all apart from the crowd of this competitive life. All the faculty members including the Director himself forms the nucleus of the organisation believing in the authenticity of the education. Over the years it has grown into an established organisation with a deep rooted and Global reputation of high quality Management and Education. In recent times the institute serves an autonomous body seeking to meet its aim in ever changing scenario of competition.

Our Vission

“LEARNING FOR EXCELLENCE” is the motto of the institutions, which will inspire a new generation of best trained professionals who can work as positive change agent in marking India as Developed Nation. We earnestly believe to enlighten the youth with knowledge, increase literacy and enhance employability. We strive to achieve this not only through classroom teachings but through community interactions and different Medias.